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On 06/02/2010 @ 16:39, Pete Rittwage wrote :
Hi Kevin,
: I've forwarded your questions to my friends at GB64. I know that they do type-ins and I think someone has a method of OCR and cut/paste that works. I'll let you know what they say.
: Pete

Thanks, Pete.

In case you need more info, here's what I'm trying to do:

Many (some?) commercial programs were written in BASIC -- Sword of Fargoal and Telengard come to mind. I of course have the images to these programs and can 'list' the programs.

I would like to be able to extract the BASIC program files from the disk images and dump them into a PDF file while preserving the original PETSCII graphics (some of which indicate screen functions or characters that have been redefined in the program).

If this isn't feasible, an alternative would be to convert the PETSCII graphics into "commands" like the old Compute! magazines did.

For example, if you wanted to clear the screen, you'd see an inverted heart in the quotes of a PRINT command in the program listing. Physically, this would mean the user hit the CLR/HOME key. So, seeing {CLR/HOME} would indicate this -- like {SHIFT A} or {COLOR 5}, etc.

I'm probably making it sound more complicated than it is. The bottom line is that I want to read the BASIC parts of Telengard and Sword of Fargoal (and any others I discover aside from Compute! programs, which I already have the magazine scans) from a PDF.

Thanks again for the help.

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