Commodore 64 (C64) Preservation ProjectCommodore 64 (C64) Preservation Project
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Commodore 64 Computer Completely restored and tested Commodore 64 computer. No power supply or cables provided. Breadbin beige case with standard keyboard. Board Revision is 250407 (1983) All original chips $250.00$15.00
Commodore 64 Power Supply (Original, Black)Original Black Power Supply Tested to be OK for 24 hours. $20.00$10.00
Commodore Video Cable (9 Pin)Video Cable, Y/C+audio only. Suitable to connect to Commodore 1701/1702 or other monitor made for Chroma/Luma connections.$15.00$5.00
SwinSID X4 (Quad SID) 6581/8580 Board with socket extension - Built and Tested

SwinSID x4 Board, pre-built, pre-programmed, and ready to install.

This combines 4 separate SwinSID chips at addresses $D400 (standard SID), $D420, $D500, and $D520. This allows compatibility with most stereo SIDs from European demos and some 3-SID and the "Quad Core" SID demo.

SwinSID is a software emulation of the 6581/8580 SID chip using an ATMEGA88PA-PU. It is not an exact emulation, and some (very few) tunes do not sound the same as a real SID chip. You can find many comparisons online of the differences. I have flashed the "Lazy Fix" firmware onto them that was shared by "CodeKiller" a few years ago.

If you want only $DE00/$DF00 stereo compatibility for the Commodore Christmas demos (such as Twisted) and or the COMPUTE! Stereo SIDPlayer there is an easy modification for that, but both modes can't be run at the same time. Let me know if that is what you want and I can mod it and omit two of the chips, as you would end up with a SwinSID x2 in that case. Please ask questions first!

Comes with the board, one socket extension strapped on (clears standard chips). Make sure it will fit in your C64 if you already have mods such as PLA or KERNAL ROM replacements that sit higher up in the sockets. It may not clear those depending on board revision.

Also includes a few wires so you can pick up the A5 and A8 signals from somewhere on the board (requires soldering). Also, you will need a way to route out the right audio channel, either to pin 8 of the AV out (you'd need a stereo cable) or to an RF replacement box. If you have neither of these, you will have to make your own arrangements to get the second audio channel out of the C64. Please ask questions first!

Video and sound of it playing "Quad Core" here: SwinSID x4 Playing "Quad Core" but Vincenzo/Singular Crew - YouTube

Board design is by Kinzi. This is just to sell the remainder of my parts, since all orders are 10 boards nowadays. :)

Please ask questions first!


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If you have any questions about the items or the procedure for ordering, please don't hesitate to use the contact form on this site to ask!
This project is all done in my own spare time with my own money. If you appreciate the amount of work that went into it, please donate whatever you see fit.
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