JaC64 Test page

Thanks for trying JaC64, a 100% Java C64 emulator. You can find more information about JaC64 at jac64.com, and (old site) dreamfabric. If everything is working, you should see a running JaC64 below (and some instructions).

Joakim Eriksson, joakim@jac64.com / joakim.eriksson@dreamfabric.com / joakime@sics.se


Reset, Joystick 0, Joystick 1, Sound off, Sound on
PAL, NTSC, Half speed, 20% speed

Load Gorf, Load Blue Max, Load Demo, Load Music Insert disk1 Load dir...

JaC64 Features and Known Bugs

Feature: Known Bugs:

Requirements to run the applet

A JRE (1.4 or better) is required, and you need to have a folder called "roms" with the rom files for the C64 for the applet to work.

Controlling the C64

Joystick emulation:

Parameters to the applet

autostartDisk = URL/FileThe disk/tape image to load file from
autostartPGM = FilenameThe file from the disk/tape image
autostartProgram = file numberThe file number (id) of the program in the games.txt file
soundOn = 0/1The status of sound (0 mutes applet)
doubleScreen = 0/1if set to 1 the emulator will be running in double size mode