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Software titles with RapidLok6

The following games are known to be protected with RapidLok6. This list may not be complete. Keep in mind that even if a title is listed below this does not necessarily mean all versions of it are protected with RapidLok6: There may exist versions with a different RapidLok version, a non-RapidLok protection or even none at all. Game Company TV type ------------------------------------------ 4th & Inches Accolade NTSC AcroJet Microprose NTSC Apollo 18 Accolade PAL Card Sharks Accolade NTSC Fight Night Accolade NTSC Ghosts and Goblins Elite NTSC Gunship Microprose PAL Mini-Putt Accolade PAL NTSC Pirates Microprose PAL NTSC Sigma 7 Avantage NTSC Silent Service Microprose NTSC Spy vs Spy I and II Avantage NTSC Super Bowl Sunday - General Manager Avalon Hill NTSC The Train Accolade PAL NTSC ------------------------------------------ Notes: AcroJet PAL is RL2, NTSC is RL6. Gunship PAL is RL6, NTSC is RL5. There's an alternate Silent Service version with RL1. I have heard of alternate AcroJet and Mini-Putt (NTSC) versions without RapidLok. Super Bowl Sunday - General Manager does not work (title screen freezes and resets the C64): The files are loaded correctly from the patched G64 image, maybe there's an emulation problem. If you have other RapidLok6 protected titles, titles with different TV type than listed above or even listed titles without RapidLok protection and want to support me, then please send me the unmodified nib-dumps (with logfiles) of your original disk(s).