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1. G64/NIB related download I included the following Pirates G64/NIB images (PAL+NTSC versions) in this >>zipfile<< (1.1 MB): Pirates disk images for instant playing and remastering: (newly patched, bugfixed, $7B extra sectors cut) pirates_game_v132x02_ntsc_side1.g64 pirates_game_v132x02_ntsc_side2.g64 pirates_game_v132x02_pal_side1.g64 pirates_game_v132x02_pal_side2.g64 Images from original Pirates disks (unmodified): pirates_original_image_v132x02_ntsc_side1.g64 pirates_original_image_v132x02_ntsc_side1.log pirates_original_image_v132x02_ntsc_side1.nib pirates_original_image_v132x02_ntsc_side2.g64 pirates_original_image_v132x02_ntsc_side2.log pirates_original_image_v132x02_ntsc_side2.nib pirates_original_image_v132x02_pal_side1.g64 pirates_original_image_v132x02_pal_side1.log pirates_original_image_v132x02_pal_side1.nib pirates_original_image_v132x02_pal_side2.g64 pirates_original_image_v132x02_pal_side2.log pirates_original_image_v132x02_pal_side2.nib There exists an older v132x01 NTSC game version, I may include it next time if anyone is interested. 2. D64 related download (first tutorial) I included the following D64 images from the first tutorial "Microprose Pirates 1987 Commodore 64 - Getting a clean image" in this >>zipfile<< (199 KB): The clean Pirates disk image for instant playing: pirates_game_v132x02_pal_ntsc_side1.d64 pirates_game_v132x02_pal_ntsc_side2.d64 Images from the original Pirates disk (PAL+NTSC versions!): pirates_original_image_v132x02_ntsc_side1.d64 pirates_original_image_v132x02_ntsc_side2.d64 pirates_original_image_v132x02_pal_side1.d64 pirates_original_image_v132x02_pal_side2.d64 Our developed copy program (for both disk sides): pircopy73.d64 The original versions of all files we modified or left out: addons.d64 3. Full download This >>zipfile<< (2.55 MB) includes everything: the complete RapidLok6 Handbook with all files and above downloads. For playing the game you will need the dates for the treasure fleet and the silver train. I did not include them as you will find them in the "Pirates! manual" (see Literature section). Keep in mind that "True drive emulation" must be enabled in WinVice when dealing with RapidLok protected G64 files.