The RapidLok6 Handbook v1.3                                      .ooo
 (C) 2007-2010 BanGuiBob                        ooooo           .88'
                                  ooooooooo.    `888'          d88'
 Introduction                     `888   `Y88.   888          d888P"Ybo.
                                   888   .d88'   888          Y88[   ]88
 Memory Index                      888ooo88P'    888          `Y88   88P
 Routine Listing                   888`88b.      888       o   `88bod8'
                                   888  `88b.   o888ooooood8
 Tracks 1-35 details              o888o  o888o
 Track 36 Key Sector details
 C64-client details (complete first tutorial - see chapter 1 inside)

 Creating G64 images from an original Microprose Pirates disk
 RapidLok6 patches
 Microprose Pirates bugfixes
 Remastering a 1541 disk from G64 Microprose Pirates images

 Changing the TV standard: PAL <-> NTSC
 Software titles with RapidLok6

 RapidLok5 notes
 RapidLok7 notes


 WinVice Configuration
 Getting to the drive code entry point of an unknown protection (WinVice)